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Oakley 513.533.4100
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What does your “Wash, Dry, Fold” or “Drop-off Laundry” service entail?
Our “Wash, Dry, Fold” service means that we will wash, dry, hang or fold your laundry per your request. This service includes your personal laundry, household items like comforters, rugs, and dog beds, or even miscellaneous, hard-to-wash items like boat covers!

Like our dry cleaning service, we will accommodate most laundry requests and provide detergent and fabric softener. You may drop off and pickup completed laundry at any time during business hours.

How is your “Wash, Dry, Fold” service priced?
Any “wash, dry, fold” personal laundry you drop at our location is charged by the pound. Other items like comforters, rugs, dog beds and others are charged flat rates. Most laundry can usually be picked up same day, or at your earliest convenience.

Do I need my own change?
We have attendants available at each location (with the exception of Sunday’s in and Sharonville) to break down any large bills you may have, as well as quarter machines that change $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills.

Do your machines accept credit/debit cards?
Currently our location in Oakley has an 80# washer and six 50# washers equipped with credit card readers.

What if I forget my soap?
We carry several kinds of detergent, dryer sheets and laundry boosters in our stores available at $.75 per box.

What if I need to leave in the middle of doing my laundry?
Leaving is ok, but we ask that you return in a timely manner and understand that we are not responsible for unattended laundry. Also, if you leave your laundry unattended it may be removed by the attendant to allow other customers use of the machine.

If you are on the go, we provide a “dry, fold” service in which we remove your laundry from finished washers you have started, then dry and fold for you. This service is charged by the pound.

Do you have a lost and found?
Each location has a lost and found and is cleaned out every 30 days. Items left in washers and found by our staff upon closing are dried, bagged and left at our front desk; customer is responsible to pay cost of drying. Loads left in dryers are also bagged and left at our front desk. We are not responsible for any missing items.

What kind of soap can I use in the machines?
Our machines are able to use powdered and liquid detergent as well as PODS. Please note that PODS are to be placed inside of the wash tub before starting washer.

What does the “express” feature mean on your washing machines?
Our express machines spin your wash at 200 G’s, removing excess water and saving you time in the dryer.

What size washing machines do you have?
Each location is equipped with double, triple and mega load washing machines. Our mega loaders hold up to 60 pounds. Our Oakley location has a huge 80 lb. washer available.

What is the “plus” cycle feature on some of your washers?
For a quarter more, some of our machines will extend your wash cycle time by three minutes. This is especially good if you have very dirty or very smelly (think dog bedding) laundry.